How to keep pigeons off your roof

Pigeons are a rather unpopular species with most people - at least on their own balcony or roof. Not only does pigeon droppings contaminate houses, they can also contain pathogens that are hazardous to health. If you want to scare the animals away, you can do so in a relatively animal-friendly way and without using hurtful methods. We tell you how.

Happy New Year, all you pigeons!

There is almost no worse nuisance than pigeon droppings on the facade, on the roof, on the window and on the balcony. But something can be done about it, and without poison or shotgun! An equally animal-friendly and visually inconspicuous solution are, for example, so-called "Birdslides". These are special angles made of acrylic or metal, which are glued to edges, ledges and projections on the facade. Instead of a comfortable nesting place, the birds then find a slippery surface with an angle of inclination of at least 45°, on which they cannot find a foothold. Before installing the Birdslides, branches and sticks already laid out for nesting should be removed from the niche in question.

Pinwheels, mobiles or raven dummies - the decorative alternatives

But not only bird slides are a proven means of deterring pigeons. Optical and acoustic systems also have a great effect - and they are even easier to install! How about a small windmill on the window sill, for example? With its movement and whirring sound, it irritates the birds and discourages their approach. Instead of a windmill, you can also use colored ribbons, aluminum foil or mobiles made from old CDs. If that's not decorative enough, you can also try a raven figurine. The raven is the natural enemy of pigeons. Therefore, these dummies are usually very effective. However, since real ravens move, you should put the figure in a new place every now and then.

However, most other defenses found in the trade are not recommended for animal welfare reasons. Nail boards and catch nets can cause life-threatening injuries to birds or trap them until they starve to death.

How to properly remove eyesores

If your balcony does get hit, a high-pressure cleaner will help remove the unloved bird droppings. If this brute method is not possible, a scrubber, water and brush will also help. In the case of particularly coarse-pored materials, the surface should first be thoroughly soaked with methylated spirits or soapy water before the bird droppings are removed from the pores with the brush. Depending on the degree of soiling, this procedure may have to be repeated several times.

If you want to make sure that no pathogens or parasites are left behind from the bird droppings after they have been removed, you can rub the affected areas with either methylated spirits, disinfectant or vinegar essence afterwards. If vinegar is used, rinse with plenty of water afterwards to wash away the acid from the vinegar and dispel the strong odor.

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