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New job? The family is expanding? You have inherited? Moving into a new property isn't just exciting for personal reasons. It can also become much more expensive and stressful than planned. For example, if you don't calculate your moving costs correctly.

Selling your property because of personal changes can be quite stressful. This includes not only the search for a new property and the sale of the old one, but also the planning of the move. If planned correctly, a move can go smoothly and harmoniously. If it is not planned properly, it can not only be chaotic, but also really expensive.

The right moving date helps to save moving costs.

For example, the choice of moving date can have a positive impact on your wallet. First, consider whether to use a private vehicle or use a freight forwarder. If you prefer the freight forwarder, avoid the moving rush hour. This means that freight forwarders are more expensive at the end of the month and also on weekends due to high demand. On the other hand, freight forwarders are usually cheapest during the week and on the 6th to 13th or 18th to 24th of a month.

Use the move to sort out your household goods. Get rid of the things you no longer need. This sorting out pays off in two ways. First, you get an overview of what you really own and what you might still be able to use, and second, sorting it out minimizes your moving volume and therefore transportation costs. If you sell the things you don't need, you might even get some money back into the household budget.

In addition to the shipping company, the cost of moving boxes and packing materials should not be ignored and can make a big hole in the moving budget. It is advisable to ask nearby supermarkets, electrical stores and hardware stores for packaging material that is no longer needed. If necessary, clothing is also excellent as padding and filling material.

Save on moving expenses through taxes.

Should you move for professional reasons, this move is also worthwhile from a tax perspective, as the total amount can be claimed for tax purposes in the form of income-related expenses. In the case of a move for private reasons, relocating persons can get 20 percent of the deductible expenses, but a maximum of 4,000 euros, back from the tax. If people change their place of residence for health reasons, the tax office recognizes costs that exceed the reasonable personal contribution as extraordinary expenses. In this case, relocating persons must submit a medical certificate to the office.

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Legal Notice: This article does not constitute tax or legal advice in individual cases. Please have the facts of your specific individual case clarified by a lawyer and/or tax advisor.



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