Sell or rent?

Whether it makes more sense to sell or to rent depends on many factors. depends on many factors. Does your heir want to move into the house later, can you achieve a high return by renting out the property, and are you motivated motivated to take care of the management of a rental property?

When you sell your home, you are also selling the Obligations that come with ownership. You no longer have to maintenance and have nothing to do with it if a pipe breaks or the basement becomes a pipe breaks or the basement gets damp. As a landlord, the situation is different. Here you have many duties, which You either have to take care of them yourself or hire a property manager.

Another advantage of the sale: you immediately receive a large sum of money through which you can, for example, finance a smaller property or a or even a residence in old age, or which you can already distribute as a can distribute as a pre-heir.

On the other hand, if you rent out and sell at a later date, you can sell at a later date, you may be able to get a lot more money out of it. out. The question is whether this is worth the effort and whether the returns are actually high enough. In order to clarify this to talk to a real estate expert about your situation.

Renting out can of course also be the right solution if you know that your child or grandchild would like to live in the property after your death. property after your death.

You see: The decision is very individual and many aspects have to be considered. Of course, it is always possible to rent out the rent out the property first and then, if after a few years it becomes too too costly after a few years, to sell it.

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