If you are thinking about selling your house in Kleinmachnow or the decision has already been made, then this process is usually accompanied by many emotions. Selling a property can then sometimes feel as if you are giving up your dreams and familiar surroundings along with the house you have grown to love. This is especially the case when a changed life situation leads to the fact that one wants or even has to sell one's own house.

However, you are not the only homeowner who has made this sometimes very difficult decision to sell their property. As Kleinmachnow realtors we can only too well relate to this. Everyone in our team has already sold their home at least once or moved. Most of the time, you have spent a large part of your life in the property that you are now leaving behind.

We would like to encourage you. Numerous other people before you have been in a similar situation and have successfully completed the sale of their house in Kleinmachnow. And you will manage it, too. But fortunately, you do not have to master the sale of your house alone. We at Sawall Immobilien are there for you and listen. Because the thoughts and emotions that a house sale and move brings with it, deserve to be heard. We would be happy to accompany you on this journey as a professional Kleinmachnow real estate agent.

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About the municipality

The pretty community has about 20,000 inhabitants and is located in the southwest of the district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf in Berlin and to the east of Potsdam, in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark in Brandenburg. It is a particularly pleasant place to live, reside and work, and real estate is also very important in the community near Berlin.

A gem, bordered by the Teltow Canal

In the west, Kleimachnow is largely bordered by the Teltow Canal; only along the Machnower See lake and in the east of the water body, where the historic village center is located, does Kleimachnow's municipal area extend southward beyond the Teltow Canal. With a length of more than 37 kilometers, the canal runs through the south of Berlin - to the two rivers Spree and Dahme in Berlin-Köpenick, a district of Berlin.

The Teltow Canal is a waterway with a lot of history. The man-made canal was inaugurated by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1906. This opening caused quite a stir. The canal was the first man-made shipping waterway on which the ships were exclusively towed by locomotives.

This innovative process was adopted some time later on the Panama Canal. These are all, of course, indications of many years of stable community development for the citizens of Kleinmachnow.

A place worth living

It comes as no surprise that Kleinmachnow is considered attractive and livable by many contemporaries. Houses and apartments are in great demand. The proximity to the federal capital Berlin and the excellent infrastructure are two guarantees for a lively and sociable coexistence in this nice village. The municipality is very conveniently located at the freeways BAB 115 with the exit Kleinmachnow as well as the BAB 10 with the exit Teltow and the federal highway 101 in the direction of Teltow. In addition, it is among other things the direct bus connections that make the place so accessible.

The cross-generational offer has just as many attractive offers for seniors as for children, young people and young-at-heart adults: outdoor pool, library, safe routes to school, age-appropriate apartments and the remarkably positive opening hours of the children's facilities... In 2005, Kleinmachnow received the award "Family-friendly municipality" for this. "Persistently and continuously, the municipality has developed family-friendliness, maintaining and further developing existing structures after the reunification. With recreational facilities for both young people and seniors, the community offers a cross-generational range of activities."

Since then, Kleinmachnow has strived to live up to such an important distinction. Especially for families with children, the living conditions here are just ideal. This is also the reason for the great interest in buying a house in Kleinmachnow. Although this also means that the prices for apartments and houses are subject to a constant price increase - ultimately, however, this again benefits owners in the long term, because this also ensures price stability of real estate if one day you want to sell your house.

Perfect business location

Two significant industrial estates offer suitable office space and land to all companies that want to settle here, and the best thing about it is that both can be reached via the freeway connection of the BAB 115, i.e. the well-known AVUS! Thus, science, technology and innovation combine in the municipality to form a homogeneous unit, which also allows working and living to succeed excellently. Whoever wants to sell his property in Kleinmachnow will therefore find profitable conditions, because where there is work, there must be living and living. Together with the other optimal conditions that prevail here in the region, this creates a truly attractive foundation.

Small but mighty!

It is a fact that one of the strongest economic pillars of the municipality is not so much the industrial enterprises, but the smaller commercial enterprises. Already in 2009, the trade tax rate was lowered from 360 to 320. It is thus considerably lower than that of Berlin and the neighboring city of Potsdam. There are about 1,530 commercial enterprises active in Kleinmachnow - most of them are sole proprietors and small traders.

Leisure, shopping and much more

Whether sunbathing, splashing, cooling off, diving or just swimming, all this is possible in the outdoor pool Kiebitzberge, which was newly renovated not so long ago. Here, a spacious sunbathing lawn invites you to relax and simply enjoy the warm days. Two diving towers provide excitement and entertainment.

A particularly popular meeting place for the inhabitants is the town hall market. The local center was created in 2004. Two supermarkets as well as a wide range of goods and services provide attractive offers here - doctor, numerous stores, libraries, restaurants and of course the town hall, the choice is impressive.

In view of all these attractive conditions that Kleinmachnow offers its citizens, it is not surprising that the real estate prices here have also developed rapidly upwards, in the last 10 years the prices for houses and apartments have virtually doubled. Whether it is the pretty detached house in the countryside, condominiums, townhouses or semi-detached houses - the demand is immense.

This positive trend was hardly affected by pandemic situations and the associated cutbacks. And the chances for a positive market development of real estate are also quite good for the future.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you are considering selling your property in Kleinmachnow, you should always keep a close eye on the current market trends.

By the way, the price development at the location is available for download here. All facts and data are listed, as well as an outlook for the coming months. This market report on the real estate price development gives you a first overview.

In addition, the online evaluation on our website also offers you attractive assistance.


But also a look back into the recent German history of the community Kleinmachnow offers exciting insights. For example, the "Checkpoint Bravo" one of the former commandant towers of the border checkpoints, in Drewitz/Dreilinden, became very famous. In the meantime, the structure has been renovated and now houses the permanent exhibition "FREUNDwärts - FEINDwärts".

And if you look back a little further into the town's history, it is the charming village church that captivates. It is one of the most imposing in the Mark Brandenburg. Its origin even dates back to the end of the 16th century.

So the round dance closes: the municipality of Kleinmachnow has a lot to offer its citizens.

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