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I would like to thank you very much for visiting our website.

It was especially important to me to offer you a clear and informative Internet presence. On the individual subpages you will therefore find next to our Real estate offers Worth knowing for buyers, sellers and owners. In particular, Kleinmachnow, Stahnsdorf, Teltow, Zehlendorf are in focus here, along with the other southwestern districts of Berlin and the City West.

Whether you want to sell or buy a house, apartment or land, on our website you will find Information, which can help you in your decision. You have the opportunity to view our Guidebooks on the subject of divorce, inherited real estate, living in old age, selling real estate privately or real estate deprivation.

What is my property worth? Being able to estimate this is often the most difficult question for owners. Our Online evaluation gives you a first orientation to the value of your property. You immediately receive the result from the data of your property. However, please keep in mind that an online valuation works with past values, does not appreciate the special features of your property and cannot replace the personal expertise of an experienced real estate agent on site.

In the many years in which we have been able to accompany sellers and buyers in the sale or purchase of their property, we have naturally encountered the most diverse life situations and have always worked on a customer-oriented solution. After all, it is first and foremost about the people who live or want to live in the property. As a rule, a property is only suitable for a certain phase of life. If children come or leave home, if there is a change in career or other vagaries of life, the requirements for a property also change.

Whatever stage of life you are in, we are happy to be there for you, first listen carefully and work with you to find a solution tailored to your needs. We will be very happy to hear from you personally, through which channel it is most convenient for you, contact.

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Michel Sawall


We are here for you if you want to sell your house or apartment in Kleinmachnow, Zehlendorf, Stahnsdorf, Teltow or Großbeeren. With our two offices in Kleinmachnow, we are close by and personally available for you by appointment.


For our Berlin office, the focus for the purchase and sale of residential real estate is on Berlin's City West, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and the southwest of Berlin. Personal on-site support is our top priority.


Drei Gründe, warum wir der passende Partner an Ihrer Seite sind


Assessing the value of a property precisely is a complex task, because every house and every apartment is unique. A value-based and serious assessment is the basis of our work and will pay off for you in the long run.


There is an individual story behind every property. We know how important it is that your thoughts and needs are heard and understood. That's why we are at your side throughout the entire process.


Perhaps the heating system of your property does not meet current standards or the roof is in need of repair - the future buyer should be informed about renovation needs. We work transparently and fairly.


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Extremely successful!

…der dafür gesorgt hat, dass die Verhandlungen mit dem Verkäufer extrem erfolgreich verlaufen sind.


From the emergency situation of divorce, Mr. Sawall has taken everything well in hand.

Great idea!

The best solution. I am so happy that Mr. Sawall had this idea.

It was worth it!

"Working with Sawall Realty has been completely rewarding for us."

Our dream apartment

"We got our dream apartment quickly, to our specifications."


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Scheidungsimmobilie: wenn einer drin wohnen bleibt

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Notverkauf: Wie meine Immobilie NICHT zum Schnäppchen wird

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Wohnen im Alter: Umzug ins Pflegeheim

Pflegebedürftige, die den Alltag in den eigenen vier Wänden nicht mehr bewältigen können, haben einige Möglichkeiten Hilfe zu bekommen. Der letzte und auch manchmal der beste Weg ist der Umzug in ein Pflegeheim. Für Eigentümer und deren Angehörige stellen sich ab diesem Zeitpunkt einige Fragen. Wie finde ich eine passende Unterbringung? Und was soll aus…

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