Santa Claus and age

With big steps we are approaching Christmas Eve and with it the end of the year. For Santa Claus, too, the most stressful time of the year is now beginning. But it's not just the Christmas season that seems to have been difficult for the nice old gentleman with the red hat. Slowly Santa Claus comes namely in the age, in which the bones no longer quite want, as he would like it. Even a new home had to come.

Dear Santa, how have you been this year?

It could have been better. While exercising my reindeer, I fell off my sled and since then my hip just hasn't been the same. I can't easily get up the stairs to my cozy living room anymore. That's why I decided to move to a smaller house.

That sounds exciting. How did they manage to do that on their own? Your time must be short.

Actually, I had planned to sell my old property all by myself. But between reading wish lists, making toys and training reindeer, I just didn't have the time. Besides, I didn't want to let a bunch of unannounced visitors into my house. My toy tinkering elf then recommended a real estate agent, whom I then asked for help.

A broker at the North Pole? How could he help?

The realtor did all the work for me. When he appraised my house and told me the selling price, I almost fell out of my rocking chair. I had no idea how much a house at the North Pole was worth. Then he took photos and prepared an exposé. I guess you need this to be able to market a property. In the end, the real estate agent found three suitable prospective buyers. One of them decided to buy my house. All in all, it all went very quickly.

That really sounds like a professional broker with an excellent knowledge of the market. Where do you live now?

I opted for a small, barrier-free house. This is ideal for living in old age. The garden is also much smaller now and therefore easier to maintain. At the end of the sale, there was even enough money left over to buy a new, comfortable seat for my sled. A very modern one with a navigation system and a cocoa holder. So now it can start with the gift distribution.

Thank you dear Santa for taking the time!

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