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Many landlords are worried about the rent brake, of doing something wrong when setting the rent. In fact, the rules vary greatly from region to region. But if you proceed systematically and with a little and a little know-how, finding the optimal rent is not that difficult. difficult. We have summarized the most important aspects for you here.

  1. Does the Mietpreisbremse affect me at all?

Many landlords are unsure how much rent they are still allowed to take. they are allowed to take. This is because the so-called Mietpreisbremse (rent brake) has once again tightened the existing rules once again. So far, however, it only applies in around 300 of the more than more than 11,000 municipalities in Germany. However, mainly in the and their suburbs, i.e. the densely populated metropolitan areas. metropolises. So before you rent out your property, you need to find out if it is in a find out whether it is located in a municipality with a rent brake. You can find out whether the Mietpreisbremse applies in your municipality on the Internet. to find out. If you prefer to be on the safe side, contact an experienced professional broker or an experienced professional real estate agent or directly to the responsible authority.

  1. Standard local comparative rent and representative list of rents

What hardly anyone knows: In the still valid Economic Penalty Act from 1954, which is still in force, stipulates that the local rent may not be may not be exceeded by more than 20 percent in the case of new leases. At this threshold has not changed today. So in order not to limits, you must orient yourself to the local comparative rent. comparative rent. Problem: What is the local comparable rent? In simple terms, it is the rent that is usually charged for real estate with comparable criteria such as type, size, quality, location and condition, location, and amenities in the community. How The rent index shows how high the local comparative rent is. However, there are a few catches: First you have to find out whether there is a rent index for your municipality at all. You can find this out from your local council or city administration, or a real estate expert in the region. Often only larger cities have a rent index. In addition, the local rent is not always at the same level as the rent that can actually be achieved on the achievable rent on the market. The figures may be out of date. Since often only larger cities regularly and at short intervals draw up a rent index. produce one. If no rent index is available, you can also orient yourself to the market rent. This is based on the principle of supply and demand.

  1. Who pays your rent

Assuming you are stretching your legal options to the limits, this is not necessarily the optimal rental rate. A high rent will extend the time until you find a tenant considerably. For the months in which the apartment is not rented, not only do you lose the rent, but you also have to pay the additional costs. If you are unlucky, a tenant will move into your apartment only to continue looking for a cheaper one. So you are soon again faced with the problem of having to find a new tenant. This will cost you you to market the apartment again - you may even have to paint it. paint - not to mention the ancillary costs. So it's a matter of a realistic market price. As a rule, you can hardly without many years of knowledge of the market. This is where professional brokers can help you.

  1. Optimizations

Rent increases are still possible despite the rent brake, if the standard of the apartment is raised. Make sure you know whether your property is affected by milieu protection. This determines how far the standard may be raised. The following applies in principle: If, for example, a heating system that meets the latest requirements, underfloor heating or a high-quality parquet floor, a portion can be apportioned to the rent. If modernization costs at least one-third of the value of a comparable new apartment you are even exempt from the rent brake. In any case, it is advisable to find optimizations that also benefit the tenant benefits. For example, additional parking space for cars can be for cars can be created, or niches in the apartment building can be into additional storage space.

To determine the optimal rental price, it helps to seek the advice of an expert. Because for the correct estimation a lot of background knowledge of background knowledge, knowledge of the market and a lot of experience is necessary.

Are you unsure about determining your optimal rental price? Contact us! We will be happy to advise you.

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