How important is real estate location when living in old age?

As you grow older, short distances become more and more important. You should think about this when you purchase a property in which you would like to spend your retirement. A sprawling villa district in the countryside may seem tempting, but are doctors and shopping facilities within walking distance there? Read here what you absolutely have to pay attention to when it comes to location.


When the aches and pains become more and more, a good doctor is needed. But how do you find the next best one? Ideally, the first port of call in your search for a doctor is the medical association or the association of panel doctors in your region. In most federal states, there is already an online doctor search here; in addition, you can also take advantage of a telephone consultation. The chambers provide reliable information about a doctor's professional qualifications and other information such as office hours, quality-assured additional services and other doctors practicing in the practice. This gives you an overview of all eligible doctors in your area.


Being prepared for an emergency is actually a good idea at any age. However, this is becoming more and more important, especially in retirement age. What if you fall down the stairs? It's good to have a hospital nearby. This can ensure a quick arrival of the ambulance and thus a quick care. But also for the respective partner a hospital in the proximity offers itself. So you can receive schnall times visit .


In old age, walking becomes increasingly difficult and driving a car is no longer as much fun as it was at a younger age. For this reason, you should make sure that the location of your home allows you to organize your grocery shopping on foot. So find out in advance exactly which supermarkets or smaller grocery stores there are in your area.

The family

Distance from family is a not insignificant factor when it comes to living in old age. After all, family is not only an important part of your social life, but also a great help in old age. So if you ever need help or care in your old age, it would be ideal if the family can come over and help you at short notice. Also, being close to family gives you the opportunity to see your grandchildren grow up and enjoy family life to the fullest.

Medical care is poor in your area and you are therefore considering moving and selling your property? We will be happy to advise you on your options.

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