Where should I advertise my inherited property?

In the past, if you wanted to sell or rent a house, you simply put an ad in the newspaper. Today, things are different. Real estate portals, Facebook ads and groups are the modern ways to sell your property. But which of these numerous platforms is best suited for you?

Immobilienscout24 is probably the best known of the real estate portals on the Internet. Accordingly, most tenants and buyers are also on the move here. This has its advantages and disadvantages. At times when demand is much higher than supply, choosing a lesser-known portal can lead to deliberate selection. In addition, different platforms take different prices for an ad. So before you choose one, it pays to compare prices. Which portal ultimately offers the best price-performance ratio also depends on the duration of the ad and other services offered.

An interesting alternative to portals focused specifically on real estate can be Facebook ads and posts in groups. The post in a suitable group is even free of charge. In the social network there are many groups that are made exactly for this purpose. This type of advertising is particularly suitable if you want to rent. If, on the other hand, you are selling your property, then a Facebook ad is probably the more interesting version. Here you don't have to spend a high budget and you can define a specific target group by filtering by interests, for example. However, you are not allowed to segment by age, origin or gender. This is Facebook's way of preventing discrimination.

If you have decided to rent or sell with an agent, they can take care of advertising your property on Facebook for you. This way you will also not receive countless inquiries on your private profile. The broker will also share your offer on his own website and Facebook page and thus reach additional interested parties.

You want to place an ad and do not know where? We will gladly advise you and take over the management of the ad for you.

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